Jasper Reports – Overview of the Best Open Source Reporting Tool

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Jasper Reports is a popular open-source reporting tool that is used by hundreds of thousands of coders all around the globe. It can be used to generate a wide variety of reports in various formats like –

1. CSV
2. RTF
3. XLS
4. PDF
5. HTM

Jasper reporting tool has become immensely popular and is currently one of the most popular Java reporting tools available. This is where OdiTek Solutions come into the picture. The expert Jasper Reports development team at OdiTek can help you install this incredible reporting tool into your Java-enabled applications that include JEE. With highly creative skills, we provide you the best Jasper Reports development services.

We at OdiTek offer the most modest software and application development solution along with Jasper Report development service. Our team of skilled coders, programmers, and Jasper Reports designers can give you an excellent solution to your jasper report or crystal report problems.

Features of Jasper Reports:

1. Multiple ways of handling data
2. The facility to apply watermarks
3. The ability to represent data in graphical and text format
4. Flexible layout options
5. Multiple ranges of formats to export reports
6. The facility to generate subreports

Working Process:

1. Add Jasper Library to the project.

2. Create some layout design before reporting from Java code. The reporting layout design of Jasper is an XML file with the extension .jrxml. Use iReport or JasperStudio os Gui tools to design the JRXML file visually as well as textually.

3. The compilation of this JRXML file is necessary to generate .jasper. JRXML file can be compiled dynamically from the Java code. iReport or Jasperstudio can be used to compile the jrxml file to create a jasper file.
4.Once the compilation is over and .jasper is created, start feeding data into the report from the Java code.

Tools to generate jrxml files are:

1. iReport
2. Jaspersoft Studio
3. Jaspersoft Studio eclipse plugin


Jasper Reports Studio is a scalable and fully stacked tool capable of creating and running a range of real-time reports that varies from simple to complex layouts. It is entirely coded using Java and the tool is capable to fetch data and convert them into pixel-perfect documents abruptly.

You can create a user-friendly interface using Jasper Reports Server relying upon Jasper Reports Engine. The pre-designed web interface will let the customer view pre-configured and structured reports.

Jaspersoft Reports Studio provides parameters evaluation time feature, uses spreadsheet layouts as an option for better user experience, and has a new UI to discover element properties.

Industries OdiTek Has Worked With –

We have delivered Jaspersoft Reports Development Solutions for a range of industries, including:

1. E-Commerce
2. SaaS
3. E-Learning & Education
4. Healthcare
5. Online Customer Service
6. Software Products


1. Easy to jump between editing design or XML source.
2. Preview within the app works relatively well.
3. A lot of useful tools to create reports and data sources.
4. Quick turnaround time and go reporting solution.


a. Interactive Reporting: Experience full interactivity with charts and tables including conditional formatting, moving/hiding columns, sorting, filtering, string search, along with format changes.

b. Self-Service Reporting: Easy report building for non-technical users in a highly secure and configurable environment. You can build interactive, ad hoc reports with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report designer.

c. Multi-Tenant Support: Easily control the access to every report and data across all levels of customers, groups, and users with Jaspersoft multi-tenancy.

d. Open Architecture: Connect to any data source, work with modern RESTful APIs, and deploy using any method with Jaspersoft open architecture reporting.

e. Pixel-Perfect Reporting: You can now format every element of a report – images, texts, visualizations, and more to the individual pixel. Be precise or meet any regulatory requirements.

OdiTek BI services for Jaspersoft BI –

Jaspersoft has a highly flexible architecture that makes easy deployment in every environment. From both business and technical perspectives, Jaspersoft BI can benefit every business. OdiTek provides consulting to deployment services on the following Jaspersoft related products:

a. Jasper Server – Reports Server
b. Jasper Analysis – Reports OLAP Data Analysis
c. Jasper Reports – Report Library
d. Jaspersoft iReport Designer – Jaspersoft Studio and iReport
e. Jasper ETL – Data Integration

The base of the top four products is the Jasper Report Library. The Jasper Report Library is the most popular open-source reporting engine. It is completely written in java and able to use data coming from any kind of data source.

Jasper Reports Server:

Jasper Reports Server is a stand-alone reporting server that allows the delivery of critical information on a scheduled or real-time to the web or a variety of file formats. It provides important application features like security, a repository, and scheduling. Build a report in iReport then deploy it to JasperReports Server. You can then execute, export the report to the desired output, or scheduled to execute later.

For Developers:

1. Embeddable architecture leveraging Java and HTTP-based web services for custom operational capabilities.
2. Enhance report generation performance and delivery to customers.
3. Secure, schedule, and automatically deliver interactive reports in a variety of output formats.
4. Flexible data-agnostic architecture that supports big data, relational, and non-relational sources.
5. Extensible architecture framework for security and data source support customization.
6. Reusable subreports stored and maintained in the repository.
7. Role-based access control to all objects in the repository.

For IT & BI Professionals:

1. Centrally managed reporting and analysis server
2. Schedule, and automatically deliver interactive reports in a variety of output formats
3. Integrate with existing identity management systems like CAS and LDAP for single sign on to reports
4. Role-based access control to all objects in the repository
5. Cloud ready BI platform
6. Pre-integrated OLAP Analysis capabilities
7. Upgrade to web-based self-service features via a commercial product upgrade

Here are the five different levels of embedding Jasper Reports Server BI into Custom Web Applications –

Level 1: Embedding of static reporting
Level 2: Embedding of Managed Interactive Reports
Level 3: Embedding of greatly Interactive Dashboards and Reports
Level 4: Embedding of Ad-hoc views and Self-Service Reporting
Level 5: Embedding of Advanced Analytics

JasperReports Server – Features

1. Extensive data source support
2. Flexible, modern, and embeddable server architecture
3. Centralized reporting, dashboards, and data analytics
4. Secured data access and auditing
5. Ad hoc report and dashboard development
6. OLAP analysis

JasperReports Server – System Requirements

The Jasper Reports Server installation guide includes basic minimum system requirements and JVM settings that should be used when running the Jasper Reports Server. Depending on specific usage scenarios and JVM configurations, your Jasper Reports Server implementation will require additional resources in the form of CPR or Memory. The success of the deployment depends on the following:

1. The number of concurrent users.
2. The size of the reports to run or schedule concurrently.
3. The data set size against which analysis and reports will be run.
4. The overall number of users, reports, or organizations to be stored in the system.
5. The latency between the Jasper Reports Server and the databases it connects to.

In cases where there is a large population of users, large data sets, or many scheduled reports, it is recommended to use a 64-bit JVM to allow for the proper allocation of memory.

Why OdiTek Solutions?

OdiTek possesses a robust and reliable Java development team with extensive experience and helping diversified industries with Jasper Reports ranging from small, medium, and large scale companies around the globe with a high level of accuracy.

Hire Jaspersoft Reports Developers

Hiring Jasper Reports Developers from OdiTek Solutions will give you an in-house team kind of experience with budget-friendly Jasper Reports pricing. If you are looking for the support of Jasper Reports Development experts, contact us today!

What OdiTek offers

Certified Developers

Deep Industry Expertise

IP Rights Agreement -Source Codes to Customers, legal compliance

NDA – Legally binding non-disclosure terms

Compliance to Software Development Quality Standards

Product Development Excellence

Dedicated Project Manager (Not billed)

Proactive Tech Support-Round the Clock

Commitment to Schedule

High performance, Secure software design

Guranteed Cost Savings & Value Addition

Consistent Achiever of Customer Happiness

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Jasper Reports is the most popular and widely used open source reporting project in the world. It has been deployed in hundreds of thousands of projects as production grade reporting tool, and its reporting capabilities are in-built into thousands of software products. As such, Jaspersoft...

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