Why you need a CRM Solution from Day 1 of your Business

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Many startup as well as mid-scale businesses think that adopting a CRM tool at a later period is wise or cost effective, until there are a lot of customers for them or lot of revenues. While perusing with such a perception, there is a great deal of risk in customer dissatisfaction and ill-managed customer communication management. All these can actually undermine your customer relationship and thereby company’s credibility. If we look at the cost or investment on adopting a standard CRM tool vis-à-vis benefits, using an efficient CRM tool from Day 1 of your business makes perfect sense.

Applying Dynamics CRM at the earliest stage of your business can help with a lot of the early activities related with a busy start up. It will also help getting your company into a client centric model at a time when you are focused on creating the right processes for success. CRM Knowledge has a great deal of experience helping new startups and specific services to make sure they are well skilled and knowledgeable with the technology.

A CRM (customer relationship management) is a system /tool to manage interactions with customers. It’s a single place for information to be stored and a system where you can outline your process. A good CRM helps you refine your customer process and work efficiently so you can improve your customer’s experience and increase sales.

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Benefits of using a CRM

Be Systematized & Shared info

CRM assists you in integrating emails, tasks, notes, calendars and more in single, organized fashion. There is a chance for you to access any data that you would like from anywhere, anytime and any device you want. This is the key to success of a business organization and CRM systems are created to keep all the necessary information in one centralized location that everyone on your team can access. Every member of your team will be able to see the exact point when your business last communicated with a client, and what the nature of that communication was.

Have Access to Metrics

Have you counted how many successful projects you have had recently? Can you say how much is your conversion ratio or can you explain how effective were your recent marketing campaigns? All these are called metrics, which are crucial for a company’s development and success. CRMs can give you immediate metrics on various features of your business automatically. Some programmers can even generate reports for you. If you have a complete and detailed CRM then you’ll be able to us this data to estimate and plan for the future.

Implement Customer Familiarity

Customer intimacy is all about matching your products and services with your customer’s interests and inclinations. For businesses, it’s a great way to stand out in competitive and ever-crowded markets. CRM gives a great chance to catch detailed information about your customers, their interests, preferences and behaviors. With this information available, businesses can implement targeted marketing and create a personal touch with every customer. It collects the most important information about customers, and helps businesses interact with them in a more impressive way.


Having information on your laptop or notepad at home is only helpful if you’re near your laptop or at home. But you will be able to access the info you need right from your fingertips by using a mobile CRM. Instead of tasks getting bottle necked by limited access to information, you can do things as they come up because you have the info you need with you at all times. It also helps salesmen be prepared and effective 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. So whether you want to meet someone at the airport, or want to update sales meeting while travelling in a car, mobile CRM is there to help you.


Manually managing customers means that you’re capping your growth because you’re only able to manage so many customers with the time and resources you have. By using a CRM you’re able to effectively craft your sales process, saving you and your team time, which means you can serve more customers with the same level of service, in less time. With a good CRM you’re able to scale your customer relationships so you can grow your business efficiently.

Save time and money

By having information in one place that’s easily accessible, you save yourself time and money. More time means you’re able to get more things done. So by using a good CRM, you’re creating a more productive work environment that lets you get more things done, help more clients, and grow your customer base without having to clone yourself or hire an additional person.

Better customer experience

With a CRM you’re able to see the full picture of each customer. It’s cooler to get brought up to speed on their history with your company, quickly retrieve important details, and respond to them sooner. When someone on your team is sick, you don’t have to leave your customer hanging in limbo while you wait to hear back from your team member, or put them on hold while you dig through notes to try to piece together a picture of what’s happening. All the information is in one place so you’re able to address their needs and react right away, giving them a better customer experience.


So if you need a way to manage your first few clients, or you need a tool to help scale your processes as your client list expands, there’s many good reasons to consider looking for the right CRM. You’re more organized and have more control over your business, and your customers get a better experience. It all makes a great deal of sense. But it isn’t something to be taken on with little or no support.

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