HTML5 is an effort to bring order to web development confusion by organizing common practices, embracing implementations from various browsers. It is massive, with over 100 specifications as part of the HTML5 specs. Understanding this, you can simplify by thinking of HTML5 this way. HTML5 is simply just an umbrella term for the next generation of web apps an how functionality will be expanded with better markup (HTML), better style (CSS), and better interactivity (JavaScript). One of the biggest differences between HTML5 and previous versions of the standard is that older versions of HTML require proprietary plugins and APIs. (This is why a Web page that was built and tested in one browser may not load correctly in another browser.) . HTML5 provides one common interface to make loading elements easier. For example, there is no need to install a Flash plugin in HTML5 because the element will run by itself.One of the design goals for HTML5 is to support for multimedia on mobile devices.

New features of HTML5 includes:

1- New parsing rules that are not based on SGML but are oriented towards flexible parsing and compatibility.

2- Support of use of inline Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) and Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) in text/html.
3- New available elements include article, aside, audio, bdi, canvas, command, datalist, details, embed, figcaption, figure, footer, header, hgroup, keygen, mark, meter, nav, output, progress, rp, rt, ruby, section, source, summary, time, video and wbr.

4- New available types of form controls include dates and times, email, url, search, number, range, tel and color.

5- New available attributes of charset on meta and async on script.
6- Global attributes that can be applied for every element that include id, tabindex, hidden, data-* or customer data attributes.


  • Tables-less coding
  • W3C valid HTML/ CSS Markup
  • iPhone and iPad Application Programming
  • CSS Grid system and CSS framework
  • Custom font supportive web pages
  • Developing compatible websites with all major web browser
  • Mobile compatible websites on all platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone etc.
  • Bootstrap Website Design and Development
  • UI/UX conversion
  • HTML5 Performance Optimization
  • Porting of native applications to HTML5


We are Providing the best, most innovative HTML5 development and consulting services on the market, OdiTek has extensive experience with creating high performing, feature-packed HTML5-based web and mobile experiences.

We offer the following services to our customers:

  • HTML5 Application Development
  • HTML5 UI Design and Prototyping
  • HTML5 Mobile App Development
  • HTML5 Plugin Development
  • HTML5 Website Development
  • Flash to HTML5 migration
  • Real time communication


Backed by strong technical expertise and delivery excellence, our team of developers has the ability to effectively execute all kinds of projects which have a need of HTML5. Our skilled developers have built excellent websites and applications that are consistent across all browsers.

  • Corporate Portals
  • Technology Companies website
  • Social Portal
  • Wallpaper / Photography Site
  • E-Commerce / Trading Sites
  • Mobile App
  • Business Consulting Firms
  • News/Media Sites

    HTML5 is the latest and most well adopted standard of HyperText Markup Language. Although it is not a programming language, it is still an essential component of web applications, and even sometimes modern desktop and mobile applications. Familiarity with the HTML5 specification is an important skill that all front-end web developers must possess.

    Adaptable, highly self-motivated and resourceful leadership methods that has proven to promote and encourage innovation, productivity and quality within an organization. As we have Frontend Web Developer/ Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in web and application development, many of which has been spent designing, developing, and integrating enterprise level applications, and as web and mobile apps have become increasingly more complex in terms of API and state management, we believe in staying up to date on all current frameworks and libraries, and implementing best architectural design patterns, maintainable documentation, and flexibility for rapid growth.

    2- Popular Frameworks (Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, etc.)
    3- UX / Usability
    4- Responsive Web Design
    5- Familiarity with differences in other HTML5 based views, such as ones in email clients.


    There are myriad of frameworks are being released by developer community in certain time span to help developers to deal with messy code and conflicts.The below list of Best HTML5 Frameworks which will help you to simplify your development process without much endeavors.

    1- Foundation
    Foundation was the first open-source framework to be responsive, semantic, mobile first and now, have partials with Interchange. Foundation 5 has just released, which is the fastest release to date – faster in all aspects of building products and websites.

    2- Enyo
    Enyo is a framework for building native-quality HTML5 apps. It’s cross-platform compatible and battle tested. Enyo has powered apps for Palm phones, the HP TouchPad and now the 2014 LG Smart TV.

    3- Titon ToolKit
    Titon Toolkit is a collection of very powerful user interface components and utility classes for the responsive, mobile, and modern web. Each component represents encapsulated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript functionality for role specific page elements.

    4- Mootor
    Mootor is an HTML5 framework for developing mobile apps. It’s minimalist and works on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and others.

    5- Pikabu
    Pikabu is a framework for creating off-canvas flyout panels. It has simple markup, supports native scrolling, and is fully customizable. No theme, just barebones HTML and CSS. Pikabu is super customizable to your needs. This module is also hosted on Mobify’s CDN.

    6- FastShell
    FastShell is an opinionated framework built for modern developers that encourages a better workflow. It includes an HTML5 boilerplate, a Sass OOCSS setup, and Gulpjs. JavaScript task running, build processes, autominification and file concatenation, wrapped with an enhanced HTML5 boilerplated framework.

    7- OnSenUI
    Onsen UI is a front-end development framework for PhoneGap/Cordova hybrid apps. It focuses on the creation of usable mobile applications. Also, used with Monaca, it is simple to develop backend features and add device support.

    8- Framework7
    Framework7 is a fully featured HTML framework just for building hybrid (Phonegap) and web-based apps with a native iOS7 feel. It’s lightweight and flexible and uses Ajax for navigation between pages you will need a server. So to make it work you should put dist folder (or Kitchen Sink) on a server. Or, as an option, you may use Grunt’s server.

    9- Molucule
    Molecule framework has been built for enthusiast game developers with more than five years of experience on mobile gaming and more than ten on general game development. Due the better compatibility of mobile browsers with actual html5 specifications and the natural evolution of the hardware inside them, html5 mobile gaming arise as a true possibility nowadays; that it’s given rise to Molecule, which borns from the idea of create a simple yet powerful framework to build html5 cross-platform games on an easy and efficient way.

    10- Ionic
    Ionic is a powerful HTML5 native app development framework that helps you build native-feeling mobile apps all with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Ionic is focused mainly on the look and feel, and UI interaction of your app. Ionic is free and open source, built with Sass and optimized for AngularJS. It is modeled off of popular native mobile development SDKs, making it easy to understand for anyone that has built a native app for iOS or Android.


    HTML5 seems to have been around forever but it was in fact only finalized in October 2014 – although it has been implemented for around five years prior. More and more of the web’s legacy sites are switching to this markup language due to its functionality and ability to create responsive web design, and HTML5’s involvement in new sites is virtually taken for granted .

    However, HTML5 implementation is not as straightforward as it may seem, especially for new and inexperienced web designers. Neither skilled nor amateur web developers or designers can operate effectively without good HTML5 tools. Here we’ve provided a list of the most essential and best HTML5 tools to help create amazing modern websites.

    • Adobe Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is still a great HTML5 tool.
    • Bootstrap. Bootstrap is free and open-source.
    • Freemake Video Converter
    • Sublime Text
    • HTML5 Maker
    • Google Swiffy
    • BlueGriffon

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