Magento is one of the famous Open Source E-Commerce Platform which has rich features of E-Commerce Solutions which give you the complete flexibility over the website, may it be its look, content or functionality. It also has many different features in it that is, it is SEO friendly, has CMS applications and robust architecture.

We build applications which best suit our customer’s budget and business interests. Our Magento Development team takes Magento development to the next level, moving towards an e-commerce framework solution which is easier to develop and maintain and which minimizes the cost of maintenance of the systems.

At OdiTek you can get the Magento Development in order to make it more useful for you and for your business needs.


E-commerce framework solution which is easier to develop and maintain and which minimizes the cost of maintenance of the systems. We are nothing but a very simple Magento development company having sure shot Magento related solutions and attractive designing skills.

  • Commerce application development
  • Magento extensions development
  • Custom Magento application development
  • eCommerce application customization & development
  • Magento template development
  • Magento mobile application development
  • Magento Web Development


At OdiTek we have an expert team of Magento Developers who have great working hands at Magento and they have been delivering professional quality services to our clients. Our aim is to provide with best Magento Development to our clients and help them to enhance their business profits.

  • Our developer has a profound knowledge of all the technical fields and terminologies. Also, they are keen interested in knowing about the latest concepts and updates related to his portfolio.
  • Our developer are capable of building a full-fledged website from scratch.
    OdiTek team creates a powerful impact on its business as well as on its clientele by Professional behavior.
  • Developer comprehends the quality of multi-tasking which they can inhibit while working on business projects.
  • They build highly innovative and creative shopping stores that hold customers back to the website.
  • Understanding your business requisites is the main motto of our web developer so that we can plan out strategies to meet your demand.


OdiTek’s Magento Developers have good experience and knowledge in creating e-commerce solutions by customizing Magento application and supporting technologies & databases. OdiTek’s rich expertise in powerful PHP web scripting language, the stable Apache web server, My SQL database server and AJAX has been generated in the course of delivering numerous Magento projects for our global clients. Our Magento Development Team have gained expertise and proven track record in the following technologies:

    Apache Webserver

Magento is a complex system and without proper tools, development for the system can get complex.

Developer Toolbar Module
This free Magento extension helps developers to understand what is going on in each request. It is capable of showing the layouts and blocks involved in building content of pages, loaded models, collections, as well as controller action and params. It also allows you to quickly clear cache, toggle displaying block hints and so on. It has the ability to show profiler output.

Enhanced Admin Product Grid
Adds useful, customizable features to the admin product management grid including new columns & tools.

Easy Template Path Hints
Easy Template Path Hints extension is used to turn on the template path hints for frontend & backend easily.

Fooman Common
Module to provide common functionality across Fooman extensions.

Magento Debug
This is another Magento debugging toolbar based on the one for Django framework. It has similar features to the Developer Toolbar, but has a different look and feel to it. Up to developers to decide which suits them better.

This tool is built to be like Zend Framework. It allows you to automate common operations, such as creating a module, controller, model, etc. It also allows for operations, such as clearing cache and re-indexing data. All of this is available from the command line

Ultimate Module Creator
Develop custom Magento modules without writing any code. Use a module creator. Use this module creator

Magento PHPUnit Testing

Code quality and scenarios are easy to test with this extension. Implementing a bridge between Magento specifics and PHPUnit. It allows you to find configuration problems, errors in rewrites and check if a module behaves properly with a set of incoming data.

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