WebRTC is a free and open source application framework which utilises simple APIs to provide browsers and mobile apps, the real time communications(RTC) capabilities over peer-to-peer connections. The components of WebRTC have been carefully optimized to best serve the above said purpose. Further it allows for the smooth working of applications such as video conferencing, file transfer, desktop sharing and chat without any need of an internal or external plugin. Besides, WebRTC makes use of Real-Time Protocol to transfer streaming media such as audio and video. Apparently, we have seen an increase in the number of WebRTC Service Providers in the market because of their demand in the relevant landscape and the widening scope.

At OdiTek, we have a WebRTC Application Development team with a relevant experience of more than 7 years in the SaaS(Software As a Service) development services space. Our seasoned team of WebRTC Service Providers possess a vast knowledge having delivered a number of successful projects in context of building the most efficient and scalable WebRTC Applications for our clients worldwide. Apart from that, we also provide our expert services related to WebRTC Software development and WebRTC Live Streaming Video.


With an augmenting demand for WebRTC development services, skilled developers at OdiTek are glad to cater high quality and cost effective services that enable effective yet real-time communication with the help of browser to browser app without installations, downloads and plug-ins.

We render WebRTC services for any type of business and customize them based on clients’ needs. Our usage of new technologies is a great helping hand that help us to reduce app life-cycle cost, enhance overall productivity and clients’ satisfaction. Thus, our WebRTC software development team provides affordable yet expedient services mentioned below.

  • Software Development
  • Application Development
  • Module Development
  • Existing Solution Customization


    1- Expert team of developers
    2- Lower costs
    3- Rapid development
    4- Innovative technologies
    5- Ongoing and constant help and support
    6- Transparency of the actual project progress
    7- We answer to your online technology needs


We use various programming languages, namely C, JavaScript, AS3, PHP (with Symfony), and the tools and development environment we rely on are very simple:

  • Linux CentOS;
  • vim for editing;
  • Autotools (the famous “configure ; make ; make install” sequence), Grunt and PHPUnit for building and testing.
  • git and svn for versioning.
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Chrome debugger/console
  • Netbeans to edit.
  • Wireshark

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