Top 7 effective tools for NodeJS Developers

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Node JS has empowered application developers now to design a quick, efficient, and scalable online application with lesser lines of code. As we know it runs on a Chrome V8 JavaScript runtime environment, so with the emergence of new technology, trends, and programming languages, software development is becoming easy for NodeJS developers. There are several tools that help but 7 prominent tools for NodeJS developers to work with the language are compiled below for reference.

Popular Node JS developer tools

1. Express Js

It is a flexible and minimal NodeJS web application framework that provides a robust set of features to develop mobile and web applications. It also enables users to create a robust API in a much simpler and easier manner and with the combination of NodeJS and Express js, you can easily design an entire website. Node.js helps you to develop the server part but with Express js the applications can be published over the website.

2. Socket io

Socket io is a framework that enables bi-directional and event-based communication in real-time. It is the quickest and most reliable real-time engine. It provides real-time analytics along with counters, logs, and charts and it is also suited for most chatting applications and is widely implemented by companies like Microsoft, Zendesk, Trello, and some small start-ups as well. It offers better debugging, scalability, integration, and binary support and speeds up both beginner-level and advanced level programmers’ work.

3. Meteor

It can be defined as a framework that is based on NodeJS. It is integrated with Mongo DB and you can use it with any JavaScript UI widget library. It can develop faster and easy-to-use applications with this platform as compared to any other. You can do your work seamlessly on this Node.js tool including accessing the database to server business logic to rendering to the client.

4. PM2

It is an advanced production process manager for Node.js applications with a built-in load balancer. It helps to keep applications alive forever, reload them without downtime and facilitate common system admin tasks. It is the easiest and simplest developer tool that is used in NodeJS. The companies like Intuit and PayPal use PM2.

5. Electrode Js

It is a powerful developer tool created by WalmartLab and this tool is widely popular and suitable for React js and NodeJS applications. It’s not only a set of best practices, standardized structure, and modern technologies but also includes Electrode Explorer and Electrify. This tool helps to ensure the reusability of the components, good performance, and deployment of the applications to the cloud. The user can easily learn and perform coding practices at any skill level.

6. Babel

It can be viewed as a toolchain that is widely implemented to transform ECMAScript 2015+ code into a backward-compatible version of JavaScript. It is basically used as a front-end development tool. It also provides support for the JavaScript latest version.

7. Webpack

It is widely used along with Node.js as it can bundle and serve assets much easier and faster than other development tools. It simplifies the overall process of deployment of applications and makes the development process easy. However, it is also used to bundle the JavaScript pages to get further implemented in a browser and also results in the minimization of the overall initial loading time.

Unit testing & Performance testing tools

A NodeJS developer must take in-use any of the popular unit tests, automated tests, and performance testing tools to ensure developer applications are error-free and performance-driven. Some of the commonly used tools are mentioned below.

Unit testing tools: Mocha, Jest, Jasmine, Lab, AVA
Performance Testing tools:,, benchtest, groovy


Node.js applications can be developed using a variety of IDEs, frameworks, and testing tools. Listed above are some of the best tools that NodeJS developers can utilize to create web applications with ease.OdiTek is a leading NodeJS app development company with experienced NodeJS developers having a successful track record of serving a variety of sectors and businesses.

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