JavaScript is a scripting language initially designed to enhance web pages, but is now used in almost every way imaginable. Advances have been made that allow JavaScript to run on the server-side as well as be compiled into native phone application code. Today’s JavaScript developer is part of a rich ecosystem filled with hundreds of IDEs, tools, and frameworks.

OdiTek provides a range of services in Responsive Websites and Web Application Development with the support of our deep web application development expertise and multiple years of RIA application development experience.

Being a leading JavaScript development company, OdiTek renders end-to-end JS development services including Node.js development,Angular.js and jQuery development. We also have expertise in integrated JavaScript development, done with a number of server-side technologies such as The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site, JSP/JAVA, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python etc.


OdiTek has led the JavaScript Support industry for over 5 years and will expand their support service offering to officially include more than ten popular, open source JavaScript toolkits.  With the increasing acceptance of Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD), a format that strongly encourages source code interoperability, OdiTek will now provide commercial developer support for an abundance of interrelated web technologies.
OdiTek now offers support for recent versions of the following JavaScript toolkits:

  • jQuery
  • RequireJS
  • PhoneGap
  • Express
  • Persevere Packages
  • jQueryUI
  • Underscore
  • Socket.IO
  • Node.js
  • Angular.js


As a front-end developer, We are constantly trying to learn new skills and technologies and adding to what we already know. Front-end developer job postings, however, vary from posting to posting so the list of different languages, libraries, and technologies that could theoretically fall under the category of front-end developer skills is quite large.

In the early days of the Internet only some Javascript were demanded from a Front End Web Developer but in the current scenario, these skills are not enough to call yourself a Good Front End Web Developer. The following skills are in great demand and you must include them in your skills set.

  • Javascript
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Javascript Frameworks
  • Version Control
  • Web Performance
  • Browser Development tools
  • Building and Automation tools
  • Testing


A JavaScript framework is a web application framework written in JavaScript and it differs from a JavaScript library. A library offers multiple predefined functions that a developer can call to improve and expand their application. A framework describes the structure of the application and gives the developer a way to organize their code to make your app more flexible and scalable. A developer cannot call a framework; instead it is the framework that will call and use the code in some particular way.

JavaScript frameworks are usually based on the MVC architectural pattern because they are also designed to separate the different aspects of a web application to improve the quality of your code and to make the developing easier.
The list of frameworks we are providing are given below.

    5-Bootstrap JS


JavaScript’s plan to take over the World (Wide Web) is well under way. But the explosion of tools leveraging JavaScript’s ascendancy make choosing the right one for the job challenging, to say the least..Our experts have deep knowledge regarding various tools and using many frameworks of Javascript. Some of them listed below.

    2-Web starter kit
    3-Browser Developer tool

IDE(Bracket,Sublime text,Dreamweaver etc)

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