Meteor JS is an open source JavaScript based web framework used to build top-quality web apps. It is one of the leading JS framework in new wave of latest stacks that allows building web applications in an easier, simpler, and the faster way. It allows to build and manage front- end, back -end and database with JavaScript. It is mainly used in creating cross-platform code which works on all major mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, and Web.

OdiTek Solutions is a leading Meteor JS development company in India which is known for its notable Web and App development services. Our Meteor JS development is based on powerful and real-time web application development.

Services Offerings
Our expertise in creating innovative JavaScript based web and mobile apps has helped us emerge as a leading Meteor JS development company in India. Our experience and expertise in creating breath-taking Node JS apps has powered our efforts to extend our capability to offer Meteor JS development services.

  • MeteorJS Development Services
  • MeteorJS Application Development
  • Test Driven Development
  • Learning Platforms
  • MeteorJS API Development
  • MeteorJS Packages Development
  • Real-time Application Development
  • ExpressJS Application Development
  • Chatbot Application Development
  • Backend and Dashboard Development
  • Offshore Meteor app development
  • Hybrid mobile application UI/UX
  • Hybrid app re-engineering
  • Native to hybrid app migration
  • Meteor Plugins development
  • Meteor application support

Skills Matrix
Our team of Meteor JS developers has a passion to work on JavaScript related technology stacks. Be it a brand-new app development or an existing app upgrade, our team delivers great results for your Meteor JS based app development projects. When it comes to hybrid apps, our first choice is Meteor JS framework to build modern, secure, and most-compelling web or mobile apps. Our experts are true professionals who have a capability of building iOS, Android, and web apps that are fast, scalable, and responsive. We can develop, redesign, or manage an application for start-ups or well-established business with the same innovation, expertise and efficiency.

Our Areas of Expertise
Retail & Ecommerce: We understand retail & eCommerce customers and provide end-to-end solutions for that.

Healthcare: Our dedicated Meteor JS developers provide customized, end-to-end, Healthcare solution.

Banking & finance: Enhance ROI & manage daily workflows with our result driven Meteor js development services

Travel & tourism: Our offshore Meteor JS programmers build travel apps to create a retaining customer base.

Hospitality: Our offshore Meteor JS programmers build hospitality apps to create a retaining customer base

Media & entertainment: Hire Meteor JS developers from us who build apps that enhance your digital presence

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If you need to hire expert developers or test professionals for your next project or want to outsource development tasks on an ongoing basis by having an extended offshore software development team, get in touch with OdiTek Solutions today.

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We don't always ask dollars to kick-start, we wish to forge relationships where you will be assured that the team on which you would rely to build your product or solutions are good enough to do it. Reach out today, we would love to kick start the journey together!

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We are obliged to work on a mutually beneficial arrangement, contracts mean a legal paper but we understand that it's you who will decide w.r.t. work. We are open to both formal contracts as well as quick-notice start-stop mode of engagement.

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