Apart from being the most versatile content management system (CMS), Sitecore is a complete customer experience management system that offers comprehensive multichannel marketing automation that encompasses social, web, e-commerce, email, and mobile landscapes. In other words, SiteCore Development enables businesses to excel in the fields of content management and customer relations management which help businesses to grow more while saving time and so much effort.

Oditek Solutions offers enterprises and emerging businesses the most productive Sitecore development solutions that help them to increase their revenue and boost customer retention. Our Development Services team works closely with you to meet deadlines and address technical hurdles.

Advantages of SiteCore Development

  • Pre-Installed Applications: You are ready to launch the moment Sitecore is installed. All you have to do is to select the app of your choice right from the Sitecore menu to start experiencing it.
  • Quick feature addition: You can quickly enhance the features of your system by just signing up for a particular app from the SiteCore AppCenter.
  • Easily Available: The SiteCore platform also offers many third-party apps for various categories under its AppCenter.
  • Centralized User Management: The user management system can allow you to regulate other users and their app usage. This also takes care of your billing tasks.
  • Full-fledged Developer Support: The developers have holistic support when it comes to development and accessing the applications.
  • Personalization: SiteCore is built on the core idea of delivering real-time personalization to the site users.
  • Multi-site Multi-lingual: SiteCore allows you to display content in multiple languages on multiple sites.
  • Advanced Native Features: SiteCore platform offers native analytics, testing, optimization, and machine learning features.
  • Headless Architecture: Platform gives you the ability to create content that can be displayed anywhere.

Our SiteCore Development Services

    SiteCore Consultation

    Our SiteCore experts have extensive knowledge and years of experience to understand every project’s needs and help to get the most out of the investment. We can guide you from planning to deployment and help to create effective websites, applications and solutions.

    Custom SiteCore Development

    You can hire our SiteCore developers to create customized and personalized web solutions that are robust and provide opportunities to attain greater profitability. Our developers can create complex solutions like mobile apps, multi-sites, modules, web applications and etc.

    SiteCore Implementation

    At Oditek Solutions, we believe in offering high-quality solutions and for this, we use standard practices and the latest tools to develop solutions. Together with such solutions, we also plan the implementation structure for best results.

    SiteCore Upgrades and Migration

    We put our best efforts to offer our customers the best user experience and also ensure that their sites are upgraded from time to time to the latest version for improved results. We also analyze your requirements meticulously and create the best roadmap to migrate to SiteCore without a glitch.

    SiteCore Support and Maintenance

    In addition to our varied SiteCore development services offered, we are also experts in providing round-the-clock support and maintenance services to our esteemed clients.

Our Expertise on SiteCore Development

    SiteCore Experience Commerce (XC)

    We can effortlessly create a personalized shopping experience by utilizing the purchase history of the customers and context.

    SiteCore Experience Manager (XM)

    With us, you can now get multisite management and multilingual content capabilities with reusable content, in-session personalization, and enterprise-class search.

    Omnichannel marketing addons

    We have the expertise to add the functionality of Email Experience Manager, Print Experience Manager, and Experience Accelerator without upgrading to the latest version.

    SiteCore experience platform (XP)

    We can help to deliver omnichannel experience and personalized interactions with real-time content management and deeper data insights.

    SiteCore on Azure

    Our technical experts help you to deploy SiteCore on Azure Resource Manager templates or use the WUSIWYG template available in the Azure marketplace.

    SiteCore Experience Database (xDB)

    We can help you to get a detailed customer view through customer data and information that is stored in the xDB experience profile.

Hire Our SiteCore Developers

Oditek’s SiteCore team consists of experienced developers, certified developers, and MVP – to meet your unique project requirements. We provide our dedicated Sitecore developers to customers who need technical specialization and expertise for their projects. Our dedicated SiteCore developers are not only coding experts, but they also understand what exactly customer needs and they are committed to making a quality product as per the requirement.

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If you need to hire expert developers or test professionals for your next project or want to outsource development tasks on an ongoing basis by having an extended offshore software development team, get in touch with OdiTek Solutions today.

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We don't always ask dollars to kick-start, we wish to forge relationships where you will be assured that the team on which you would rely to build your product or solutions are good enough to do it. Reach out today, we would love to kick start the journey together!

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