Being one of the tremendously popular open source content management systems in the world, WordPress is widely used for blogs and business websites. We, at OdiTek, are proficient at developing smart and powerful web solutions using WordPress for worldwide clients extending from small ventures to Fortune 500 companies.

At OdiTek, we strive to offer WordPress Development solutions that are compatible with all business models and industry verticals. Our team of WordPress developers provides WordPress CMS development, plugin development, theme customization and maintenance services, backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-quality technology tools.

Venturing into a partnership with OdiTek gives you an access to the all-encompassing solutions that assist in shaping the most avant-garde technology framework in your organization. At OdiTek, we guarantee many things, among which innovation stands tall. Quality, sustainability and product potential to reach different breadths of prospective customers follow suit. The compliance to several guidelines and standards has always been taken into the strides, but at the same time, we ensure that we keep breaking the monotonies and create something that’s unique and uninhibitedly imaginative.

The team of proficient developers at OdiTek has hands-on experience in delivering intuitive and interactive WordPress Development services that anchor you to advocate and update your content as per your business pre-requisites. The focus on those requisites does not fluctuate, enabling you to make purchasing decisions with greater assurance. Our strong infrastructure reinforces the development of user-friendly WordPress themes, plugins and extensions that render advantages like ease of use and search-engine friendliness. As you make strides towards advancement, OdiTek serves to be your ideal offshore partner.


OdiTek has been trusted by over a thousand webmasters for the development of their WordPress websites and blogs, theme development, custom plugin development, etc., and they continue to trust us! A few of the many reasons for their trust are:
We have been extensively working with the WordPress Development platform since its inception a decade ago in 2010

CMS development
We can design and develop engaging websites that conveniently run on WordPress CMS. Moreover, we offer layered PSD files together with copyrights and support even after your site goes live.

Maintenance and Support

We never leave the security of your website to chance. We can get your WordPress site upgraded to the latest version and eliminate the virus attacks and malware.

WordPress Upgrading

Hire us for fixing bugs, managing your content, upgrading plugins, and for overall effective maintenance of your store.

Ecommerce on WordPress

Reach your prospects online with lightweight yet fully featured WordPress eCommerce site.

WordPress Theming

Using the inbuilt web template system in WordPress Development, users can simply re-arrange widgets, or switch between themes, without introducing any changes in the PHP or HTML code. For more advanced customizations, OdiTek offers variety of theming services including custom themes development, incorporating a new theme design for a current site, etc.

WordPress SEO

To get the best out of your WordPress, you need professional SEO services. Our SEO experts will optimize your WordPress based website and make it reckon prominently in search engine rankings.


When you decide to become a WordPress developer, your biggest focus will probably be on the skills you need to have in order to make a living in this industry. You need to know HTML and CSS. You need to have an understanding of PHP and Javascript. You might even need to have greater database knowledge if you’re going to dive into backend development, too. And while all of these skills are essential for being an effective developer, we’d say that there are quite a few others that too few in the industry spend the time necessary to perfect.

The following skills might not be technical in nature or directly related to WordPress, but they are arguably every bit as essential as knowing how to do the nitty-gritty code stuff.
Our WordPress Development developers are basically focusing 5 top skills for better development and those are listed below.

1. Solid Planning
Being a “planner” is a real asset for WordPress developers. Too often when the inspiration to create strikes, developers dive in head first without any sort of plan in place. And while their passion and enthusiasm is something to be admired, the lack of a plan can cause serious issues.

2. An Eye for Marketing
Another skill developers need is an ability to market a product effectively. It doesn’t matter if you’re offering your plugin or theme for free or for pay – you still need to know how to market yourself if you want to make the most of your time.

3. An Ability (And Willingness!) to Delegate
As a developer, you wear many hats throughout the day. This is especially the case for those who are making a living or a substantial portion of their income from development projects.
Having the wisdom to know when you need to delegate is a sign of a good leader. Choosing qualified people to be on your team is an even greater sign of leadership ability.

4. An Understanding of When to Move On
Not every development project is going to work out. It’s a harsh reality but one you need to accept if you want to find success in the long-term. Committing to a project long after it’s burnt out is not only a waste of your time, it’s also a poor use of resources. The time you waste on a dead project could have been spent on a new plugin or theme that might have worked out.

5. A Thirst for What’s Next
Developers by their very nature are curious beasts.
They like to keep up to date with the latest technology. They want to know about the latest innovations, whether in WordPress or development as a whole. However, not all are so naturally hungry for keeping their technical skills up to date.


A WordPress theme framework allows you to build WordPress themes the same way Volkswagen builds its cars. They use only a handful of platforms, on which they can build dozens of different models for their four major brands. Each car model has a common set of components like engine, powertrain or suspension. But when it comes to designing the interior and exterior, each brand gives its own flavor to make it unique.
In OdiTek our developers are using the following frameworks for WordPress Development


Genesis is one of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks at the moment. It is developed by the team at Copyblogger Media, a professional marketing company who are highly regarded content marketers as well as offering a range of WordPress-related services. We’ve put our own experiences into this framework, which translates into some interesting features like:

  • Detailed SEO options, where you specify the most detailed settings, with support for
  • Responsive design, based on HTML5
  • ons of (very pretty) pre-made child themes (for an additional payment) which you can base your own theme on
  • Developer friendly with lots of documentation to lower the learning curve
  • Unlimited support and updates

Thesis is a advanced WordPress theme framework, offering more control over design and functions. But with the increased flexibility comes a higher learning curve if you want to write your own code. Luckily they also offer a drag-and-drop layout tool with a visual template editor, so non-developers can create custom designs without the need for leaving the dashboard.The main thesis features are:

  • Boxes, which are kind of like template plugins which you can use to add a ton of integrations for newsletters, Facebook Like boxes etc.
  • Focus on typography, giving you almost unlimited control over your fonts
  • Easy integration of search engine goodies like Authorship and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Ability to really dive into the code with the Thesis API

3-WooFramework+Canvas Theme
WooThemes is one of the leading theme shops in the WordPress world. They build all of their themes on their own framework, called ‘WooFramework’. The framework can’t be bought on its own, so they developed a base theme called Canvas. This will serve as the foundation of your own theme, with Canvas being quite a decent theme already.
WooFramework and Canvas combined offer the following important features:

  • WooCommerce ready
  • Portfolio functionality with advanced display options
  • One-click updates from within the dashboard
  • Very solid foundation, being the framework WooThemes builds its own themes on (of which they sell many thousands a year)


WordPress is the most commonly used online publishing platform on the planet. Millions of people view billions of WordPress pages every month. It used to be that many of those pages were on smaller blogs, but WordPress is becoming a more and more sophisticated tool and, with more complex demands, WordPress developers are bringing some of the most up-to-date techniques to develop WordPress sites. We’ll look at four of them.

  • Use structured data.
  • Use icon fonts.
  • Use bootstrap with wordpress
  • Create multilingual sites.

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