What Is Express JS?

Express JS is a server-side web and mobile app framework written in JavaScript. This lightweight framework with complete built-in application features helps in building robust websites. The mobile and web applications built via Express JS is completely minimal, scalable, simple, and adaptable with an extended Node JS functionality.

We build hybrid mobile and web applications, single-page, multi-page, back-end functions for web applications with Express. Our experience in MongoDB, NodeJS, and AngularJS will make the development task easier and meet the business-specific requirements.

Our Express JS developers are profound at maximizing the efficiency of using the framework’s best features, like database integration, simplified multiple routing, template engines, and more. We have hands-on experience in building large applications using this framework and can execute the most complex issues seamlessly with the perfect approach.


While the ExpressJS projects are large, we encourage our clients to build their team with us. Our ExpressJS developer team will certainly ensure the best is delivered in a stipulated time-frame with absolutely amazing solutions using the powerful extension of node.js framework.

There are several reasons to choose Express JS Development –

a. HTTP Helpers: This dominant feature helps the developers to create products with ease.

b. Light-Weight Framework: Being a Nodejs based web framework, Express JS inherits its features for a light-weight yet powerful framework.

c.High System Performance: ExpressJS is built in a way that it focuses on the high performance of the system.

d. Seamless Exception Handling: Express JS can handle exceptions seamlessly for smoother performance

e. Great User Experience: The robust routing feature of Express JS will boost the performance of the application, giving a great user experience.


  • Express JS Data Migration
  • Express JS API Integration
  • Express JS Customization
  • Express JS Web Application Development
  • Express JS Consultation
  • Express JS Application Support and Maintenance


  • Works with multiple database types like MySQL, Redis, MongoDB
  • Supports flexibility and scalability
  • A powerful combination of Angular JS at front-end coding and Express JS to resolve back-end issues
  • You can simultaneously call multiple requests allowing easy configuration of routers to send and receive requests without interruption


  • Hassle-free migration
  • Simple routing and robust features
  • Our Express JS professionals are very experienced
  • Flexible and prompt development approach
  • Completely fulfilling the client’s requirement
  • Cross-app platform
  • We deliver bug-free sprints


We are an IT Product development & service provider company specializing in user experience design and cutting-edge technologies. We partner with businesses and startups of every size to build, enhance, and scale products across platforms leveraging technologies in cloud, web, mobile, analytics, and loT.

  • Follow latest and proven methodologies
  • Focus on Innovative aspects
  • Result-oriented work
  • Transparency of Deliverables
  • Collaborative team approach
  • 24*7 Technical support
  • Agile approach
  • Follow industry-standard best practices


OdiTek’s Express JS Developers follow all the proven and latest methodologies to fulfill the clients’ requirements. Our team will walk you the extra mile to completely understand your business needs and try and deliver the best solutions.

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